USB C cable ripped apart

So i have been using my framework and enjoying it but recently i noticed that the USB-C cord around the end where you connect it to the laptop has been ripped and mangled and showing wires. I fear it may cause something later down the line so i searched on the website for a replacement and well i only need a new usb c cord, not an entire charger.

for those more experience then me should i bite the bullet and get an entire new charger or will any third party USB-C cable work?

Stop using it. Reach out to Framework Support for a warranty replacement.

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I mostly use a 45watt Samsung charger and cable for

The Framework charger is used to charge phones, tablets, and a MacBook Air. I’ve also connected it to my works HP.

Recently got a 100w certified cable usb-c to usb-c from Amazon. Works fine with the Framework.

I wouldn’t recommend getting just any cable.

The 30 watt MacBook Air charger also worked well with the Framework computer.

Anything lower would charge while off, but not really while using the computer.

@Second_Coming I went and reached out to support about.

@Edward_Gray i found a 60 watt usb-c cable on amazon and will try using that till i get my replacement and if i don’t, well guess i’ll either stick with the third party one or buy a whole new charger.