Power Cord Wiring Exposed after 4 months?

Hello -

Just wondering if anyone else here has seen their power adapter just “unravel” at the computer end of the connection?

I always thought the design seemed awkward and not easily situated…but was really surprised to see this…I’ve only used the laptop for 3-4 months straight although I purchased it last September.

Has anyone else had this experience?


You don’t seem to be alone:


And one or two mentions in the official Discord community, as far as I can remember.

I got the power adapter mostly to have another reason to brag with the FW logo, but will probably have to go for a beefier cable.

Thanks for your response - very, very helpful!

Yikes - it seems that they definitely have a QA issue here. What cable are going going to buy? Are the specs such that I can buy a (non-Framwork) power adapter separate power cord?

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FW Power adapter is rated up to 100W, so any cable rated as such should be good, in theory.

Just a personal choice, but have had some good experience with an Anker cable such as this one: New Nylon USB-C to USB-C 100W Cable (10 ft) , but USB-A to USB-C version. If push comes down to shove, I would likely go for that one.

An OG from Discord also mentioned getting an Anker cable:
Not an endorsment, but Anker seems to have a good reputation overall.


Hi there -

I’ve had some other Anker products (I think) - so - that sounds like a good direction.

Thanks so much for the info. It is very appreciated

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I use this cable. It shows the power consumption. It’s not extremely accurate, but I like seeing how fast the laptop (or my phone) is charging at the moment.

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It would probably be a good idea to send a message to support in order to let them know this happened to you. They may be able to get you a replacement or a refund since you haven’t had it very long and that seems like more than just normal wear and tear.


Yes, this also happend to mine after 11 months. I have a support ticket open

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Mine arrived brand new out of the box looking like this. I am trying to get a response from support.

Give them time. They will get to you.
The Framework Laptop 16 has seen an unexpectedly huge demand, and customer questions and order modification requests are putting a big strain on support resources.

Is it? That post says 60W

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The power adapter outputs 60, but the cable has an Emarker and is rated up to 100.


I was contacted by customer service and they are sending a new cable.

I posted here in Oct 22… The replacement cable lasted exactly one year fwiw. Same problem.

Has Framework address this issue? It doesn’t seem to be one-off situation. Happening to everyone?

As a FW16 pre-orderie, I hope we don’t experience this issue. It’s not very easy to find chargers that can do more than 100W (FW16 brick is 180W, and the laptop can take up to 240W most likely for future power APUs/GPUs.).

EDIT: Is the USB-C cable replacable? I know most OEM laptop chargers aren’t. If it’s replacing, this is probably a not a huge issue for most poeple since cables are relatively inexpensive and you can purchase something more durable. Still not a great thing to happen though.

Yes, both the USB-C cable and the AC cable are replaceable on the 180W Framework power supply. Same for the 60W one.

See here Framework Laptop 16 Deep Dive - 180W Power Adapter


I had the same issue. The USB cable became ripped open after 4 months. Changed it, but now, after 16 months, the charger is now dead.

It has been one thing after another for my machine. I purchased the first generation for over $1700.00 in 2021 (I think, it’s been awhile)…and first had the cord issue, then the charger issue, now the fan is kaput. I’ve put maybe
100 hours on it total. I can’t find someone to replace the fan (I live very rurally) and I can’t do it myself because of physical issues.

I am so disappointed that I invested so much money into what is essentially a “lemon” of a machine. For all it’s “features” - I have gotten more reliable laptops from re-furbished machines from a discount supplier. Not as “pretty” - but it also doesn’t require the kind of hand-holding and continual repair these machines do…