USB C Doesn't Physically Insert Completely

Does anyone else have USB C Expansion cards that don’t physically allow a device to plug all the way in? All four of mine bottom out when there is still about 2mm of the plug still sticking out. The devices function, but that 2mm is a problem for me as I want to leave my Yubikey Nano plugged in and this sort of makes it a hook that can catch on things.

I reached out to Framework support, but I figured I’d see if anyone else has this going on.

@Alfonso_Lopez, yes, my USB-C ports are too shallow, also. I’ve been surprised no one else has commented on this. Maybe it affects only some units. Please let us know what you hear from Support about it.

From digging into the USB-C module guts, it looks like the connector inside is short. May have been an available height vs depth vs available connector issue.

Hang in there, several folks are working on recessed connectors for dongles.

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Is this the same issue you’re facing?

My “other brand” magnetic USB-C sticks out the same amount… As do my dongles.

The connector in the module is set properly against the back of the housing… It’s just not very deep.

They would have to set it back some to eliminate the gap… But that introduces other issues.

So (don’t) mind the Gap

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Gotcha! What other issues could arise from setting the port back?

Considering that the USB-C module appears to be a “straight through” PCB, I don’t think there should be many issues from having the connector recessed further. If there were complex traces where they added extra components for power surge protection or short circuit avoidance it would certainly make it more tricky.

I really love the fact that they didn’t “offload” that circuitry to the USB-C module though, it makes using the motherboard without a case or using an alternate module (Dell 4.5mm plug to USB-C?) to bring in the power to the internal USB-C much safer because the protections are on the motherboard.

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It is not exactly a straight through, as there are other parts on the circuit board.

As for issues, moving the connector more into the module creates a gap between it and the plastic front face which can introduce alignment problems, dust and crud getting in, etc.

Also removing the gap outside of the module face when a tiny dongle is in use makes it a bear to pull the dongle out. I experienced that with my Logitech Pico Unifying one. Had to get some thread to wrap around it to pull it out.

There’s a reason a ton of the magnetic adapters tips are also advertised as dust covers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously written by marketing people. Even the magnetic adapters stick out. A piece of tape over the port is as much a dust cover.


Just like how they take away headphone jacks in favor of water and dust resistance, yet there are countless phones with headphone jacks and IP ratings.