USB-C monitor disappears/badly detected when reconnected

I have a problem that is driving me a bit crazy.

My monitor (Dell Ultrasharp 27") is usually recognised at boot time, but if I disconnect/reconnect it will be either unrecognised or unable to find the top resolution (i.e. leaving the monitor at a lower resolution and frequency, making it unusable).

Consider that I’m using Gnome/Wayland combo, and the monitor is directly plugged into the laptop via USB-C and one of the expansion cards.

I seldomly have to disconnect the monitor, so it’s not a big deal, but enough to make me roll my eyes and open this post.

When the monitor is not detected upon reconnection:

  • the monitor goes into standby, but Gnome recognises there’s a monitor attached and sets up the extended monitor config.
  • the USB passthrough works without problems (I have a mouse and keyboard plugged through one of the side USB plugs). Dunno if it matters, but for what’s worth here it is…
  • if I try to disconnect the monitor, and attach another USB device through another port (I have a USB-C adapter to connect a USB drive and a mic), then I connect the monitor, it is then recognised. (This IMO doesn’t make sense). This I can replicate fairly predictably.

Then there is the instance (to which the last point above also belongs) when the monitor is not recognised properly.
The monitor usually works at 2560x1440 @60Hz, while in this scenario it will work at the resolution immediately lower: 2048x1080 @30Hz.

With the hope of getting some input and help from some Gnome devs, I also opened a bug report but haven’t seen any reply so far.

I noticed a separate thread that talks about a somewhat similar monitor problem, but no idea if it’s related.