USB Charging Kit | DEWALT

this kit charges Dewalt batteries and also contains a 100W usbC brick. I have been using this to run and charge my new AMD framework and it has been great so far. The kit can be found for about the same price as some usb chargers and it has the abillity to both charge and recieve power from Dewalt 20v batteries. I haven’t tried running the computer from the battery yet, but it seems feasible.
The PD cable included with the kit is yellow and black, and would certainly look unique plugged into your framework.


Actually cool. Shame my tools aren’t yellow.
Batteries you can buy for this kit:
120, 180, and 240Wh.
120 is 2.3lbs. 52.17Wh/lb
180 is 3.2lbs. 56.25Wh/lb
240 is 3.2lbs. 75Wh/lb

A 240Wh battery is like a V mount or what a Jackery carries.
Though the 240 is a $200-300 battery.
I’d be curious to know how efficient the DC>DC converter in that is.

used 20v battery ( DCB230 ) and it charged the laptop while it was operating. If you have a bunch of these batteries, this is a portable charging solution, albeit a heavy one.