USB device not recognized, both ports on left

Starting a few days ago, I seem to be having issues with both of the ports on the left side of my machine.

Any devices, including expansion cards, trigger an alert in Windows saying ‘USB device not recognized’.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Time for a support ticket?

The alert:

Device Manager:

This is always a trigger for the question: What batch are you?

And did you read about the EMI shield proper placement?


Oi, I’ve got a Batch-2 machine, it looks like this may be the problem!

I am currently on vacation, but will open up the machine once I am back home in a few days!

Will report back soon.

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For what it’s worth, this has been happening to me since I got mine. Also it has started occurring a lot in the last few days.

Also: Delivery Batch 2

Seems to happen more if the machine is idle.

Here’s how many times it’s happening in such a short period of time…

This seems to be very similar to the issues I was experiencing.

I contacted Framework through their official support channel and they sent me a replacement motherboard.

A literal 10 minute swap and I have not had any issues since.

Can’t be certain. Did basic troubleshooting with support which led to the board swap. They took the board back saying they wanted to do a failure analysis, but not like I would have seen the results :slight_smile:

Having a similar or the same issues as @Matt_Clark and @Sterling_Hamilton. Incessant and indiscriminate “USB device not recognizedpop-ups and associated Events in the Windows System log, specifically with Event ID 9007, 9008, and 10016. Along with the pop-ups and events, for each occurrence, Device Manager reports under / within “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section, an instance of “Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed)”.

For partial relief, I disabled “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” within the “Power Management” tab for both “USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)” entries in Device Manager. This doesn’t fix the problem, but it does cause the pop-ups, events, etc. to only occur when a device is initially plugged-in or unplugged, instead of incessantly. No matter what device I plug-in, or resolution on my docking station I try (USB C), the errors persist.

I really like this laptop and want to keep it, but this is making it difficult. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be an early adopter of hardware.

My current guess on what’s happening is an actual issue with either the module itself or the mounting spot.

Based on my testing, it’s the module. Tryin unplugging all things (except the power thing) and see if the errors go away and then try slowly adding them back on – seeing what starts triggering the issue.

If the module is defective – I am sure they’ll replace it.

If the port is defective, you can ask for a replacement mobo.

I have the same problem since a few weeks with the upper left USB Port. It just works for charging devices but not for transfering any data no matter if I use Windows 10 or Fedora 38. The confusing thing is that if I connect my 1TB Extension Card it works but any other device does not. I also tried disabling and re-enabling all I/O Ports in the BIOS Settings but it changed nothing. My next try would be to disconnect the battery, press the power button a few times so there is really no energy left and reconnect it again.

Just wanted to say I also ran into this problem today, but I was able to fix it by updating my BIOS from 3.17 to 3.19!

I was in the process of filling out a support ticket when I was recommended by Framework to checkout this page. It suggested updating my BIOS so I did, and now no more pop-ups! Pretty nice when the support system works haha.