USB Mice, Keyboards, Pen Tablets, and Microphones not working on Windows

I have Windows 11 with an 11th gen intel i7 processor. I’m not sure what generation of laptop I have, but I did order it in August of 2022

Up until relatively recently all of the devices listed in the title were working perfectly fine on my laptop, then the left side stopped recognizing devices being plugged into it about a week or two ago and the right side followed shortly after. I have a mouse that can connect either via USB or by bluetooth, it does not work from USB, but works perfectly fine when via bluetooth. It does not matter which port it is in now, I have tried them all. I have tried using multiple different USB extension cards, I have two USB-A and one USB-C. What seems strange to me is that storage devices like flash drives and SD cards are recognized and I can access the files on them. I have plugged in a dock and the mice in it don’t work though the additional displays work perfectly fine. I have also plugged my phone into it and it will charge but it does not give me the option to change my phone into file sharing mode. I have looked through the forums for problems like mine, but haven’t found a solution that worked.

What I have tried:
Starting computer in safe mode (I had read they would work in safe mode if drivers were the problem), resetting the main board, making sure BIOS is up to date, making sure Windows is up to date, making sure the driver for my preferred mouse is up to date, used multiple different mice I know work, moving extension to every other port for each device, used different extensions, plugging a USB-C directly into the port without an extension (dock and pen tablet), I might be forgetting other things I tried but I’m pretty sure that’s most of them.

Recap of what devices work:
Flash drives, SD cards, additional displays, devices connected via bluetooth, laptop charges, laptop can charge phone, internal keyboard, and internal touchpad.

Recap of what doesn’t work:
External mice and keyboards, pen tablet, external microphone, file transfer for phone. ( All devices connect via USB-A or/and USB-C. And the computer does not acknowledge that anything has even been plugged into it.)

A friend of mine that knows more about computers than I says it is likely a hardware problem, but at this point I just want to know how to fix my computer.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Apart from re-installing the drivers or a full Windows re-install I suggest you contact support officially to avoid any delays if it’s not a simple user issue

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thank you, I think I will!

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