Used Market for Framework?

Hey Y’all,

I’m looking for a new or used computer and was wondering if you’ve been in the market recently and/or just have any suggestions on what to get.

I’m looking for something under $2K, don’t need Windows (I plan to use it for Linux only), and a good GPU for AI would be a plus, but not mandatory.

My current laptop which I bought around 3 years ago was a great deal. It is an MSI GS65 Thin 10 UE (i7 10750 @ 2.6GHz), lots of memory, and came with an RTX 3060 back when they were impossible to get and going for about $2K just by themselves.

I got it for well under $1K (maybe $600 or $700 if I recall). It was an awesome deal. I’m looking for something like that to run as a dedicated Linux server. I’d even be open to some sort of rack system if that is cheaper. Right now, I 'm just using VMWare on my MSI.



Maybe you can find something here : Community Market - Framework Community


How come I didn’t know this existed ~ never heard of it . . . Is this a brand new category?


Yup, created yesterday!


That’s been wanted a while and some people are going to be really happy.

Thanks ~ all the best

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