Using multiple softwares that play audio

Hey! I have a Framwork Laptop running Fedora. I use audio software like Pure Data und Supercollider to make sound. The issue I am facing is that I cannot use them all togehter. When I have super collider running i.e. I cannot use Pure Data or even play a youtube video. Was trying to set this repository with a real time kernel. But that did not solve my issue and also this kernel seems not so compatible with the frame work laptop.
Any Ideas on how I can manage to run multiple things that produce/play audio?

Which audio subsystem are you using?

Don´t know if this is the right answer, but I am using Jack I guess. But to be honest I am a bit confused about configuring Jack and dont know whats going on exactly.

That’s probably your problem. Most Linux software like your browser uses Pulseaudio by default. Jack is used for professional audio stuff but not really compatible with Pulseaudio. Which means only one of them will be able to access your audio hardware.

Then there is Pipewire, which is able to replace both Jack and Pulseaudio (and has compatibility with both buildin), but it’s relatively new and might not support all the advanced features of Jack.

You need to decide for one system and read up the documentation on how to make things compatible.

Current Fedora versions use Pipewire by default, I’d try to use that unless you’re sure you need Jack.