Vertical Dock stands

I think a vertical Dock as the in the hyperlink below would be a very nice feature to have.

I’m running an egpu setup for my framework and I want it all to be as cableless as possible.

All input and output and power connected to the the egpu case. I would only need the thunderbolt cable to run to the Dock. Even better would be hybrid solution for my work provided macbook per my personal use case.

I’m wondering if other people would like such a vertical dock.

That does look interesting and it looks as if Brydge is platform agnostic. If there were enough demand, I could potentially see them designing a vertical dock for the framework in similar fashion since the chassis are are standardized and not likely to change anytime soon. Wonder if they could do a joint venture with framework for something like this. There is certainly a design appeal.

A configurable dock where the already existing cards can be used to customise would be a great and sustainable solution.
Not only to Framework customers. It could be a USP and make the brand more visible.

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1st, your link didn’t work, as you had no variant selected. This is an example dock.

2nd, I do believe a dock would be a nice addition in the long-run, but Framework should really focus on more important topics right now.

3rd, that dock you referenced would not work with the Framework laptop as of yet because there is no way to power on/off the laptop from it.

All together, I would rather see hubs that are attached via double-usbc instead of such a vertical dock, which makes me afraid it’s going to fall down and break my laptop.


Thanks I edited the post and added a proper link. It doesn’t have a power butto true, but it’s not about the specific dock more so the idea of it. And garnering if people are interested.

The team has other things to focus on yes. But what @ElKrasso suggested the branding/partnership could work.

I too am endeared by the suggestion of using the expansion card system. That would fit into the ecosystem and decrease wastage. Only add in the ports you need.

Regarding falling and breaking my coworker has a brydge dock and they’re rather sturdy. You would really have to fuck up to make them fall.

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This would be an interesting challenge to learn Fusion 360 with, I’m going to do some research. For my use case at the very least I’d need a cable on both sides (one egpu fully saturating a TB controller on one side; one TB4 dock using the other), but making it so that cables have a recess inside the base to be routed underneath the stand should be trivial.

Cool, very similar to my use case. I have a mantiz saturn pro v2. Which contains alot of functionality you might, want from your second dock. But mounting it vertically could easily suffice in two thunderbolts out for your specific use case. I’m interested in what you come up with :slight_smile:

@Be_Far Please tell me you have an update, I am interested if this can be 3d printed.