Very loud electric sound. Graphics or processor?

I hope framework solves it.

What is your opinion?

Hard to tell without hearing it in person, but I would have guessed the fan scraping on something. Unless this is happening when the fan isn’t running.

My FL16 does it too. First heard it when I was installing Windows in a quiet room just a few minutes after assembling the laptop. Seems to happen mainly while writing data to the SSD, I think. Maybe reading and writing. Pretty sure it’s not the fans.

I am no expert on the matter but I think of this as a fairly normal behavior of electronics. Not necessarily an issue. Can be annoying though. If it’s exceptionally loud, it might point to something being out of spec. In my case I don’t consider it loud and only notice it when the room is silent.

No, this happens when the fans are not activated.

I have spoken to another user and he tells me that it doesn’t happen to him and that it is not normal.

Waiting for Marco’s response

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Hello, I have been doing tests

-If I use a 100 w charger the sound does not play (I think)

-If I use the battery the sound does not play

-If I use the 180 w charger with a different cable (usb c) the sound also seems to disappear (I think so, I’ll try it again later). But it is true that the USB C cable that I used supports a maximum of 100 W, so the higher the voltage, the noise that is not normal will occur.

Could it be the usb c cable that comes standard with the 180 w charger?

Or is it a special cable since the stock charger has more power?

Well I’m not deaf but it was difficult to hear ?? so others may not think it’s there ?

There is no ‘normal’ especially when it comes to such fine issues, it’s very subjective.

You may also like to change the Category to Framework laptop 16" especially as it may also be down to the charger/cable.

Generally as I only have a 13" I only want updates of that category and blank others.

Is it difficult to listen? . It is very audible… Several users have heard it. Second 6…

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All I hear there is a single mouse click, so I assume it’s very high pitched and outside of my hearing range (oh god I am getting old XD).

You could use a spectrum analyzer (like spectroid for android) to get some data for those of us that can’t hear it.

If I had to guess it’s probably coil whine on one of the buck converters (especially if it happens with 36V input but not 20V as you describe).

Update on this, the sound is always present when on AC (using the FW 180 watt power supply and provided cable). It just gets louder when reading/writing data. On battery the laptop is nearly silent when idle but you can still hear the buzzing when reading or writing data (and you can tell the difference between reading and writing).

In a quiet room I can hear it up to about a 2-3 feet away before it gets drowned out by other humming things in my house. I have quite sensitive hearing.

I’m still assuming it’s probably normal.

It’s not normal, it’s an electrical noise. I spoke to reddit users. They told me that it was not normal and that it did not happen to them. It could be the motherboard or the dedicated GPU.

I’ve heard buzzing from countless electronic devices in my life. It’s common. People who say it doesn’t happen just can’t hear it.

If it’s very loud, then yes, that’s unusual and a problem. Or it means you have very sensitive hearing.