Very sensitive to dumping or shock

Hi there people,

First post!
First off i’m in love with my machine.


Im having problems with my 13" I had mine reboot after typing to “hard”… apparently.
And after switsching my usb c docks around and slightly "dropping it back on the table. I mean i wouldn’t even call it dropping. But hope you get the point.

If already reseated my ram and will now try to reseat my M.2.

Would like to hear if this is a common problem could not find it on the forum so far.



ps keep up the great work!

Nope! I have an Intel Gen11 from Feb 2022.

I wouldn’t say I drop mine, nor could I say I type too hard, what is that. Apparently I full weight of the hand finger pick and peck at the keys. Always have with Laptops for over 25 years and never had a problem.

I carry it around in a backpack which is a bit rough.

Mine was a pre build and only opened it two days ago to check on dust.

So as you note can’t be a common problem, but does sound like a loose connection somewhere.

Reseated the M.2 problem persist…

Maybe with the laptop open, I think you can operate it without the input panel, (external keyboard and mouse). If not with the input panel moved to expose the main board etc.

Then use a plastic knife or chopstick to tap and fiddle with the parts to see if you can find the poor connection.

Unless of course you still have a valid warrantee in which case contact support before you fiddle.

That’s what I thought, this is the first laptop that I owned. But never experienced this with laptops from my work nor the ones I handelen from friends.

Really trying to figure out if I need to send mine in for repair or if its one of the other components that i bought myself… and especially away for me to do this without buying new RAM or a M.2 ssd

Order date 04 Dec 2023 I think i still have warranty.

But that’s maybe a good option if I don’t break warranty

Wel still did it anyway… tapped the RAM modules and the M.2.

RAM slot one seems to be faulty even after swapping RAM from slot 2 to one ( tapping module 2 did not restart my computer) but tapping RAM module 2 in slot one did so its probably not the modules but my Framework :sob:

So you have two RAM cards (modules)

You mean tapping RAM 2 in slot 2 but RAM 2 in Slot 1 was a problem.

Check the slot 1 for debris, I’m sure you checked it was clicked in firm.

So after tapping try pressing and lifting or even trying to push further in, though that’s nopt realy possible, but it may give you an idea where the slot is faulty.

BUT. Better contact support for the warranty as they may agree it seems to be the slot