Visually impaired BIOS help please

Could anyone please give the BIOS keystrokes to:
a. limit battery charge
b. Turn off USB power output when laptop is shut down

I have a number of examples of BIOS keystrokes in the visually impaired guide at:

Thank you!

I do not believe there is a bios setting to disable the USB devices when powered down

I will first describe the exact keys to press for that and then describe in detail the layout of all of the settings.

  1. Spam F2 to enter bios.

  2. Press down arrow, then right arrow, then enter.

  3. Press down arrow, then right arrow.

  4. Press down arrow 8 times.

  5. Press Enter, then type the battery percentage (e.g. 85) then hit enter 2 times.

Press F10 to save and exit then enter to confirm.

I will now describe the bios format (kinda long and not complete, but pretty much most of what you will need)

After spamming F2 you enter the first bios screen.

The first menu shows two rows of icons, three in the first and two in the second

The first row row icons are labelled: continue (to boot as normal), boot manager (to manage boot device order), and boot from file

The second row contains icons labelled: Administer Secure boot, and Setup utility.

To enter the bios settings, select Setup Utility by pressing down then right to highlight it then enter

Now in the bios settings there are 5 icons: main, advanced, security, boot, and exit. To enter one of these submenus, press the up and down arrow keys to select it and then the right arrow key to enter that menu. Then, up and down arrows selects a submenu item. Press left to return to selecting a submenu. Pressing Enter on a submenu item lets you change its value. I have put the options for each submenu item in parenthesis after it, in the order they are listed. Up/down arrows changes between the options. The option initially highlighted is the option currently selected. Selection does not wrap in any of these menus.

Under A) main the submenu items are Language, system time, system date, and about.

Under B) Advanced, the submenus items are 1) iGPU memory (Auto/Gaming), 2) PCIE dynamic link power management (disabled/enabled), 3) USB4 device measured boot (disabled/enabled), 4) Power button brightness (High/Medium/Low), 5) Standalone Operation (disabled/enabled), 6) Standalone detection (disabled/enabled), 7) Force Power for Input Modules (Force off/require modules/Force on), 8) Linux Audio Compatibility (Linux/Windows), 9) Battery charge limit (type integer in), and 10) battery disconnect (Left/right arrow, yes/no). To select an option after pressing enter on any of these, hit up/down arrow to select an option and enter to confirm.

Under C) security its a bit more annoying because some of the keypresses scroll the screen down instead of selecting the next option so I’ll briefly describe this one: It contains options for TPM, storage/supervisor passwords, enabling chassis intrusion detection, and manual cutoff for: External IO ports, Wifi/bluetooth device, fingerprint, and camera. As far as I can tell this just enables and disables those devices, not specifically when asleep or shut down.

Under D) Boot the submenu items are: 1) power on AC attach (disabled/enabled), Quick boot (disabled/enabled), Quiet boot (disabled/enabled), Network stack in bios (disabled/enabled), USB Booting (disabled/enabled), Timeout (integer), Automatic Failover for boot order (disabled/enabled), New Boot Device Priority (First/Last/Auto)

For example, I said that for Advanced, the 4th submenu item was Power button brightness (High/Medium/Low). To change it to Low, I would hit down arrow to select advanced, right arrow to enter it, down 3 times to select Power button brightness, then Enter to change the brightness. Since the options are in the order High, Medium, Low, I would mash down arrow to get to the bottom, then enter.


Thank you very much for this. I’ll give it a go.

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So, it seems from the above instructions that my BIOS instructions in the visually impaired guide are wrong.
When I wrote about the battery disconnect I said 10 cursor down presses but it should actually be 9.
It still works because additional presses don’t wrap off the end.
I did have some detailed descussion about this at the time on the forums and I’m now wondering if the behaviour has changed with the last BIOS update.
I was told that the cursor starts above rather than on the first item in this “advanced” menu.

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This is correct, every menu except for the dropdown when choosing an option/value for one of the submenu items selects the first option.

Choosing an submenu item will initially highlight the currently selected option

I am on bios 3.03 so things may have been different on the previous bios versions