Waiting for a returns label for 6 days now

I need to return my laptop. I requested a return label six days ago but have had no response. Is there a phone number I can call. I am nervous the 30 warranty will run out.

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The 30 days is the time you have to notify, not the time to return.

If Framework has acknowledged the issue and have agreed a return within the 30 days you are safe, although no doubt frustrated that the issue cannot be resolved at the efficiency you would like.

How did you request the return? Do you have any evidence you sent the request within the 30 days?

It isn’t really an issue even that Framework acknowledge the receipt of your request within 30 days, but you must have evidence that you asked for it for any future argument.


Hi Philippa;

I wasn’t able to locate a phone # for you, although if you’re a member of Crunchbase, they claim to have one available.

However, there’s another way. Framework is quite social media literate. If I were in your position, I’d tweet them. They appear to be fairly responsive there.

One request: Please let us know how this whole thing plays out.


Thanks, Ill try that

Hi @Philippa_J_Day. Don’t worry about the 30 days return window, we’ll take care of you if you have the ticket in. For Europe, our German repair center has to create the labels for us as they are using their own shipping account (we don’t have access). We’re a little delayed in getting return labels out for Europe due to the manual process and thank you for your patience. We’re hoping to have a better integration for return labels in the future to avoid the lag. I’ve asked our team to see if we can’t get yours taken care of ASAP.


I understand the delay, thanks for the update.


Received my label yesterday and sent the laptop off to Germany

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