Want To Sell unused ANSI English Keyboard

I know in the past parts and laptops were allowed to be resold secondhand here not-for-profit. Looking to sell the aforementioned keyboard for the marketplace purchase price of $39, I’d be willing to pay to ship. First come, first served. Picture:
Photo of Keyboard and Shipping Box

I’m operating under the assumption that it is okay for me to post this given the above quote. If I am in any way in the wrong, please let me know so that I can remedy it.

Probably way to late but let me know if you haven’t sold it!

How you kept your keyboard neat & clean. After trying so many times to keep my laptop neat & clean I gave up. :smiley:

Silicone or tpu keyboard protectors. For popular laptop brands, you can usually get fitted tpu ones. They are molded to fit around each key & tpu has higher transparency than silicone, looks nicer imo. Silicone is available in universal.

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Thanks for the response, I asked because I am always working for my business remotely in the New York City that’s why I need. :heart_eyes:

ooh, I agree with you