Warranty Cross Country

I’m just enquiring how good the warranty coverage is.
If I buy in NL, where I am visiting for a few weeks, is the warranty valid in UK where my permanent home is??

You should be fine. The Netherlands and the UK are both supported countries.

Good question @CRUMBS.

You could make a little passport book for your laptop and have it stamped to show its adventures! Goods purchased in the NL do not carry the same warranty as goods purchased in your home country though. I thought someone posted that UK has a 2 year warranty whereas most everywhere else is 1 year.

Enjoy your trip!

In EU its atleast 2 years mandated. And then there is even stricter customer protection inside some EU countries (like here in Finland).

Yes, the warranty is 2 years in UK and EU with some exceptions. But the words don’t explicitly indicate if the warranty is valid in countries other than purchase country.
My concern that if it isn’t written down, then there is lots of wriggle room!