Water resistance?

Is there any water proofing? If not, any future plans for a (possibly) branded covers that can seal the areas like the expansion card and keyboard area? which are by far the most easiest parts to get the water into the main motherboard.

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The laptop isn’t water proof. Aside from the things you mentioned framwork would also have to waterproof the magnetic bezel, the hinges and getting rid of the ventalation holes for the fan. The laptop would probably loose a most of its repairability and perfromance. I’m not even sure if its possbible to make a waterproof keyboard without putting some foil over all the keycaps. Its a lot harder to make a laptop waterproof than a phone


Are the components rated for high humidity?

I would not expect to be able to deal with spilling liquids on it, but will it operate as well as alternatives in high humidity environments?

Most of the components (on the various PCB at least) is rated to work below around 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
If you put it in a high humidity room such as a shower room, then no, because it condenses onto surfaces (and wreck havoc on parts)
whereas if you put it in a sauna (which is non-condensing due to the temperature) it might work. But I strongly not recommend doing it because it might still condense.
Same reasoning. If you put it outdoors (with a cover to prevent rain and other splashes), it will work okay until the temperature gets low and things start condensing. And again, I discourage doing that.

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