Webb Telescope Native Images for Framework

Hey all!

In case you’re a space nerd like me, I’ve resampled the Webb Telescope first-images to the Framework display resolution (1:1 resolution, 2256x1504). Not that it can’t handle the full-res TIFFs without a sweat, but native res. is always better than oversized :).

You can view/download them here (I’ve included the Raw TIFFs and PNGs):


A quick edit:
You might notice the Southern Ring MIRI image is a bit blurry. I had to supersample it from a roughly 1000x1000 square, so that’s about the best Adobe’s AI can do :slight_smile:


You can see the mirrors in the starflares. Wow!

I think flares are one of the best ways to verify that an image is real, especially with something as odd as JWST. It’s really hard to simulate the hexagonal interference between mirrors (doable, but costs years of compute) and it shows the internal structure of the telescope itself!

Anyway, that straight up looks like it’s out of a space videogame…