Welcome! Please introduce yourself - 2nd edition

Hi, I’m Xaverine from Taiwan.

I took interest in FW about two years back.
But back then, it couldn’t deliver orders here.
So I gave up FW and waited for a M3 MacBook Air.
With great timing, FW notified me that Taiwan is now able to receive orders.

While M3 MBA is still no where to be seen.

My ordered specs are in batch 9 guild.

I had light gaming in mind, so I really struggled in choosing from FW 13 or 16.

I chose 13 because it is sooner, more portable and is capable to connect e-gpu later on.


I am a retired ASIC design and verification engineer in Ottawa, Ontario.

Tired of having a boneyard of old laptops.

Really pleased to see a progressive laptop design that has a long term vision for maintenance and upgradeability.

Will wait for 16" to roll out (Old eyes need bigger screen)


Ill honestly admit i found Framework via LTT’s youtube a long while ago, and have simply followed the dev for a while.
Im a Systems security engineer for a R&D/V2X company and have been in the sec field for 10+ years
I recently was given a budget to replace my system and was allowed to get a non-standard system as my daily ( I use a Dell and a Macbook m1 as my work systems ) and decided to go with Framework. my hope is its reliable, and has the modularity to be upgraded over time so i have it far longer than our standard rotation (3 years )
I went with AMD because its a personal preference, though with a modular system, maybe in 3 years ill want intel?
Outside of work i do 3D printing/3D design, and content creation as hobbies + offensive sec research for my own personal growth, so im hoping i can utilize the framework as a platform for that as well.
Glad to be a part of the community. I look forward to getting to know some of you


I am new and I am looking forward to receiving my new laptop. I will be using the machine for my work on the Floyd County Electoral Board. Our IT lead recommendation went a long way to making my choice.
I look forward to learning form this community.
Paul K.