We're facing heavy server load at the moment!

Sorry for the issues on the website. We’re getting something like 200x the normal traffic, and about 10x the peak of what we’ve faced before, all due to this fantastically positive video from Linus Tech Tips: A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop? - Framework Laptop Review - YouTube

Some quick notes:

  1. Our development team is making a range of server improvements to handle the load. They are based in Europe, so will be making those changes during what will be the night in the US and Canada. The website should be more functional tomorrow (Tuesday, July 27th).
  2. If you tried to place an order and are unsure if it completed successfully, reach out to our support team at support@frame.work

Your email also goes to spam. It seems that the server team needs some help with setting up DKIM & SPF since your records on the domain are wrong.