What advantage does the FW official charger has over the aftermarkets?

Having a mains cord from the wall to the transformer makes it easier to travel between UK & EU. Just swap the mains cord. The wall port styles require complete replacement.
I’m going to use a dock station of some sort at home, and a power supply elsewhere, so a multiport charger that will manage my phone +/- other gadgets appeals.
Not rushing, because my old laptop charger will manage 45W. My Dell TB3 might do, I’m waiting till my FW13 actually arrives.

Possibly this 4-Port GaN Charger 108W, x2 USB-C PD, x2 USB-A | Belkin
I would prefer 4 USBC ports - and buy custom cables for devices for which manufacturer only supplies USBA. Also phone requires QC (Qualcom quick charge) and I don’t fully understand how that relates to PD