What do you install on your Windows computer first

I got my DIY edition up (woohoo, took a total of 2ish hours).

I am a Mac user and rarely ever use the “burner” Windows laptop I bought a while back.

For you Windows pros out there, what software do you like to install on your Windows computer? I love Markdown, am using the terminal more (is there an iTerm for the Powershell?), and will be using my laptop to make amateur video games (probably Game Maker Studio). I’m on and off with using VIM, but am more and more using [Micro](https://micro-editor.github.io/)

Windows Terminal! I’m the engineering lead for that project and a huge Framework fan (though, I’m waiting for my Batch 3 to arrive!). :slight_smile:


Right on @DHowett! I downloaded, started looking up commands. Wooo. Time to set up some aliases :slight_smile:

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As @DHowett said: Windows terminal, next I’d install vscode with a bunch of extensions to suit your needs (with WikiLens to take Markdown notes and linking them together a la Zettelkasten).
Then enable WSL2 if you can/want and you’d also like a Linux env handy.

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I’ve heard much about Zettelkasten (people talking about that in lockstep with Obsidian). Thank you @thelumberjhack

No problem @jtt I discovered obsidian and zettelkasten recently too, having this extension in vscode is one less app to install :slight_smile:
Enjoy your FW laptop (still waiting my batch 3)

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Some of the FOSS I have on my FW:


I personally run a windows 10 debloater script (there’s a few reputable versions out there, none have seemed particularly different for my uses) and customize my remove list.

Feesh just listed an awesome list, some of which I hadn’t run into yet.

It used to be I’d load throttlestop and fine tune the processor power. Still might end up trying that on the Framework Laptop for some of the other controls but lack of undervolting on intel 11th gen makes this one not a particularly necessary one.

General computing applications-wise, can’t go wrong with grabbing some good widely used apps like VLC media player, Foxit Reader (I haven’t tried Sumatra), Handbrake, paint.net, and 7zip. For general use apps I go the lazy route on new machines and use ninite, so they can install and update unattended. To get programs to execute on the regular (ninite, throttlestop) I set up tasks in Windows Task Scheduler, which is a built in utility I highly recommend checking out.

The more robust option than ninite (has a smaller and locked down app list) would be to join the windows insider program and start using the Windows Package Manager. Basically what it says on the tin, it’s awesome. I’d also encourage you to check out projects like Windows Subsystem for Linux.


The Framework community effing rocks!

Anyone have recommendations on Windows software that can sniff out malicious software? I think I accidentally clicked on a phishing link (when I was trying to download Discord natively)

Update: Just found this from Microsoft!