What do you think of Framework as a streaming machine?

Hi all,

I’m thinking about buying Framework in the future, I like everything, but unfortunately, I can’t find any tests in OBS. Has anyone done any tests of streaming on Framework on YouTube?

I’m interested in how well the processor handles streaming at 2k resolution.

Thank you all in advance for the answers.

You wont have any problems with the video encoding/streaming side of things. All the CPUs have QSV hardware acceleration and OBS works fine with that.

If you need to also run games on the laptop, I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s a great choice for setups where you use a capture device to feed the video out from a console or gaming PC into the Framework laptop, where you run OBS.

I do this to record gameplay from my retro consoles (but I don’t actually stream or post anywhere public)


@Andy_Coder Thanks for your help, you cleared up my doubts about this.

I’ve been able to run OBS and games with an eGPU on the 11th gen i5, but just barely. I’d recommend a stronger cpu, that’s definitely my bottleneck in this instance. With the 12th gen i7, you may get better results. All of my streaming was at 1080p though.