What I would like to see from Frame.work

I would like to see Frame.work become this swiss army knife of computing. I want to see a PCI-E expansion card along with USB-C. It would be awesome to have an e-gpu module that could be small or make the framework an old alienware sized machine with extra performance and longevity.
Along with the ability to add biometrics in the future. I would love to have a bulkier top bezel for a suite of cameras, comparable to the phone camera suite. A 4k camera, IR camera, and why not an ultrawide.
Hopefully in the future a miniLED display with touch is a possible addition, or a high refresh rate display. You could just carry around a bunch of screens and swap baised on your application. Need to game. High refresh rate. Wanna watch a movie. MiniLED display. You basically have an all-in-one computer with unlimited customizability and expansion.
I would also love to see a partnership with Sensel for their touchpads. Maybe even keyboards. Making a portable, capacitive, removable drawing interface would be awesome. I hear from a certain reviewer that they make the Apple interface look peasantly.

Im so excited about this company and what it means and stands for. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for additions, expansions and how you improve the product. I also have a pipe dream about you guys making a phone that would also put the rest of the industry to shame. There are so many companies now who are willing to forsake the customer expereince and ownership of a device. I find it very refreshing that your company has chosen a different stance. I hope that I had some good ideas and feedback. I wish the best for your company and team. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

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