What is Q4 for pre orders?

If a framework laptop says pre order Q4 does that mean it will arrive before 2024? Or at the end of 2024?

And will Q2 then be the second quarter of 2024?

Upon googling Q4 it states
“Q4, or the fourth quarter, is the last quarter of the financial year for companies . The Q4 dates for most companies follow the calendar year, starting on Oct. 1 and ending on Dec. 31. Quarterly reports are a key piece of financial information for investors and analysts.“

If you’re referencing the AMD Framework 13, Q4 means October-December 2023 so you should expect shipping at the end of this year. (If you’re unlucky it might arrive in January 2024 however).


My Order was Batch 4 and I expected it to arrive around Christmas, but I got lucky and was one of the first from batch 4 to receive my framework. It depends where you are from.