What is the battery life difference between the 1st and the new 3rd gen hdmi expansion cards?

I was wondering if there was a significant difference of battery life between the 1st and 3rd gen HDMI expansion cards, and want to ask if someone else knows or if there is a framework engineer or employee that can provide us with additional info

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It’s not just the HDMI anyway I’m sure the HDMI cards are the same, it’s more the way the OS treats them.

I’m not I wasn’t properly aware of a new generation of the expansion cards on the main board Gen 11 to Gen 13 I am now :slight_smile: See post below as to why this was edited

There’s already info on battery life which you can find via search.

According to the knowledge base v2/v3 cards are v1 cards with the hardware mods and firmware update that were posted.

There appears to be no official information on how great the power saving is but this post here HDMI Expansion Card mod to save power - #19 by Kris seems to indicated it is quite significant at around 1.0 watt.

The savings probably translate to standby as well.

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