What is this piece?


after fiddling inside my Framework 13 i realized that a small metal-part came off and i have no idea where it belongs to. Does anyone have an idea what that is? Framework-Screw for Scale :wink:

Thank you.

Have you checked out the guides
For example

With R on in it may be around the right hinge, though I haven’t found it yet.

What fiddling did you do?

Did you remove the speaker on the right ?

Yeah i already looked into this guide but could not recognize that particular part…

Well i’m kinda very unhappy with my touchpad which has a lot of “dead zones” and refuses to “click” properly if pressed, so i was looking inside if i can see any mechanical reason for this.

Also yes i changed my hinges to newer stronger ones but there as well, i don’t recognize this part.

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Looks like a small plate(?) that’s at the “back” of the right hinge:

“front” of same hinge just for completeness:

Edit: the pics are also in my case the original, not so firm hinges. I also upgraded to the 4Kg ones.


You solved it. Thank you. Now i have peace of mind :wink: