What option's most likely to get shipped out the next two weeks?

If I wanted a framework on my desk in the next two weeks:

  1. what’s my best bet
  2. or top 3 options with your best estimates?

Continental U.S.

If you’re looking for the 11th gen: Get it from Facebook / eBay.
If you’re looking for the 12th gen: Bribe someone from the 12th Gen Batch 1 thread…and see if they’ll sell you their unit.

  1. What’s the turnaround time from the official store?
  2. I prefer purchasing from someone here or from the official store - they have the premium 11th gen still available and am fine getting it.

Is there a Facebook group for framework?

Maybe, I don’t know.

By “Facebook”…I was referring to the Facebook Marketplace (examples):



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The highest CPU is only available, and it ships in 1-2 days so 10 days max to your desk.

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