What should we build next?

I’d love to see a FW style NAS or Home Server, perhaps something that could better make use of the old hardware, or possibly even just a case focused on modularity with standardized components (ATX, ITX, FW motherboard standoffs, etc) modular front panel (3.5 in hot swap, 2.5 in, cluster bays, even a bay to hold FW modular ports).

To me server cases are always limiting, either not everything thats needed, too expensive, or unable to be able to be used outside of a rack. With FW’s intented target/userbase I think this could be a really interesting segment.

also +1 again for a monitor, tv, & printer

I believe there is a 3d print somewhere to mount the FW13 motherboard in an atx case


Here: Printables

Here: Printables

and here: Printables


I’m sure there is I’m just saying that for a proper case with metal/integrated instead of just printed parts

I was talking about a new device, like you said it will be like the 13 but bigger, see it like a framework 16 but without the gpu and the modular keyboard and trackpad, thinner and lighter, and which reuse the motherboard, the battery, trackpad and keyborad from the Framework 13.

I know Americans can use it but the functionality will be sub-optimal - I was looking for US Fairphone 4 users’ experience as that model is sold now in the US.

Just flagging this cell phone thread (had meant to link in prior post) for anyone interested in more sustainable phone options, including what’s available right now.

For ideas on what to build next, it would really depend on what theme one wishes to pursue.
I think one of the main themes of the FW laptops has been the ease of home repair and the concept that one can purchase a laptop, and never have send it to landfill and to buy a new complete laptop again, because one can just replace the failed part with a replacement one, or even a better more up to date one.
So, on this theme, I would probably suggest moving across to other house hold appliances with these same themes.

  1. Dish Washing machine - Design one that would last forever or at least have replaceable/up-gradable parts forever, with 3D printed parts, replaceable logic boards, sensors etc. Have all the parts report when they have broken, much like modern car parts do.
  2. Cloths Washing machine
    For example, I had to throw out a washing machine recently simply because the manufacturer does not make the heating element any more.
  3. Solar power management / controllers.
  4. Tablet - Make one that is easy to replace the parts at home, unlike current tablets on the market.
  5. Mobile phone - I think this would be really difficult to achieve because users want light, compact phones, and having them easily repairable seems difficult to solve. Of course, if you think you can, please do it.
  6. Household robot - like Telsa Optimus, but easy to repair at home…but then maybe the robot could manufacture more of itself and … (reminds me of a film that does not end well. :slight_smile: )

In general, look at what ends up in land fill a lot at the moment, and so long as people still purchase new equivalents, make ones that will last and not need to be land-filled again.

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Reparable dish washing machines are a thing:

https://lancement.everever.eu/ (EverEver - Ulule)

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I totally agree with that! A Sensel trackpad would be amazing.
On top, Framework could develop a Module / PCB with a printable case that allows us to use the Sensel Trackpad as an external usb trackpad.


I might have a little bit of a list…

More realistic things:

  • A black color variant/a dark color variant (I understand if it isn’t possible because of environmental reasons though)
  • Arm, honestly I have been thinking of moving to the new arm machines, I travel a lot and ARM is just better for that.
  • The new ram standard (LPCAMM2) looks really cool but I expect you are already working on that. I mean the power and performance savings sound awesome. I know it is a bit of a step back in terms of upgrading down the line as you have to swap out the ram already there but I don’t think that is too big of a deal.
  • Tablet or 2 in 1 version. When traveling I used to take my surface 2 instead of my frame work and it was great, especially for gaming on planes/trains. I mean obviously just getting a touch screen would be great and it would open up so many community mods.
  • having a usb header thing on the main board so you could add your own mods without having to use the keyboard connector. Obviously it would be some sort of fpc connector but I think it could be really useful.
  • a glass cover to the screen. I know it isn’t necessary but I really like screens that have it making the display look like one cohesive part.

Harley Godfrey

Behind my desk, I have these pieces of hardware:

  • a cable router provided by my cable company, along with wifi and network ports I don’t use
  • my own wifi router that it’s plugged into that runs openwrt and has a thumbdrive plugged into it. It controls some vpns, some dynamic dns, that sort of thing
  • a sip adapter that my phone is plugged into
  • a home assistant yellow
  • a philips hue bridge
  • another switch so I can have more things plugged into the network

I’d quite like a NAS as well, and there’s all kinds of other pieces of functionality that could fit into this.

But all of these functions could be fulfilled by a single piece of hardware, ideally with a low power requirement, and modular pieces. It probably would look a lot like a NAS, but with bays that could have, as well as hard drives in them, network ports, or bridges to various other functionality (e.g. sip bridge, lora, mobile network backup…), obviously it should be able to act as an audio & video server too, or perhaps even, if you add an amp a sound system.

A long time ago, I was really impressed with the design of the RiscPC from Acorn. It had a layered design, where as you needed more space for upgrades, you could add layers into it, so physical space was never an issue. The whole thing could be opened and upgraded without screws.

What I’m proposing is a home server that can start as little more than a wifi router, and grow to include all the kinds of functions anyone might want for a continuously running home server.

Other things I’ve seen in the thread I like:

  • phones - but this is very hard to get right, and I’m not sure how many people actually buy a new phone because of something that could plausibly be upgraded instead.
  • printer - I’ve got an A3 multifunction, and it’s pretty frustrating. Again this is probably difficult to get right - printers are subisidized, and typically have all the bits in them already, and all the miscellaneous parts typically last at least as long as the printers core function parts, so your version would likely be super expensive compared to others, and it’s not that annoying that e.g. my printer has fax functionality I never use.
  • Solar control systems - it’s pretty frustrating that my electric car, battery, solar, smart meter don’t all talk together correctly, but I think this is essentially a protocol problem that perhaps could do with some legislation. I’m not sure attacking this problem plays to frameworks strengths.
  • thunderbolt dock / external screen case (dumb tv?) / external keyboard case - I love anything that makes the current pieces usuable in other ways.
  • eink device - the biggest key factor that people vary is size, which is hard to fit into a modular design, but I use an boox note air, so I’m definitely interested in this kind of device
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okay about that— probably not going to do this but i’m thinking of making a thermosiphon-like passive cooler to go on the back of heavier laptops… could be pretty cool, we’ll see how that goes.