What should we build next?

I’m really enjoying all the answers so far, but we may want to make sure we’re reading the original post before commenting. Lots of laptops being recommended, and while that’s great, Nirav wanted the focus to be on products beyond laptops!

  • risc-v motherboard for the framework laptop with support for at least 64GiB of ECC ram
  • Portable powerbank with user-replaceable 18650 cells
  • Home hepa filter designed for accepting some sort of standard form-factor hepa filter to avoid proprietary hepa filters with the razor and blades business model
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Unlike twitter, no requests for repairable toasters!


This idea isn’t that bad :smiley:

but toasters ARE repairable if you have some idea what you are doing. My dad (chartered electrical engineer) kept ours going for 40 years before mum put her foot down and wanted a new one.


Well now you gotta do it, if you’re gonna acknowledge it like that. Repairable toaster, coffee maker, and the other host of breakfast-related kitchen appliances.

40 years ago they were as parts were available and they were made to be repaired. It is only recently that EU legislation has been evoke that toasters and washing machines should once again be repairable.

So yes Framework can leave off the toasters at least for the EU and surrounds.

In my diet style, I usually don’t eat bread. :slight_smile:


Some of us are afraid of repairable toasters!


Honestly what I’m having a tough time shopping for tech-wise is compact, customizable home network gear. I’d love a way to pick and choose a few ports at a time for wired networking with a little controller (Raspberry Pi-esque) to run the software for a Ubiquiti wireless AP. Different speeds, ability to choose POE, a wife-approved cases (maybe compatible with standard racks but with the option to be smaller), enough room for a RAID 1 hard drive set for NAS.

Maybe make it just deep enough to slide a mainboard in sideways.

I would say please retain the consumer focus and do not move into the industrial, commercial use-cases!

Laptop - Even before thinking about other devices
It was nice to see frame.work keep their promise when the 11th gen to the 12th gen mainboard were swappable, but a few other pieces that need to be modular are:

  1. Processors: Has been discussed and done to death on the forum, but would be great to see an ARM and an AMD version very very quickly out there now.
  2. Keyboards: Maybe a small subset but swappable keyboards would be a nice to thing to have (I mean ortholinear, etc. and not layouts).
  3. Touchscreen: Given the power of the laptop and modularity being strived for, a touchscreen will easily allow for people like me who sometime need to use it for visual work, just have this instead of another tablet or a Wacom to interface with.
  4. Battery: I would at this point be willing to pay an arm and a leg if the batteries can be made to be a bit larger in capacity too.
  5. Larger bottom panel: I am willing to have a slightly thicker laptop that can accomodate a larger battery, different keyboard and even potentially space for a modular GPU that can connect to one of the USB-C ports (I’m willing to sacrifice one).

Fairphone and Pinephone have been wonderful for the consumer, but I feel me and a whole bunch of other users sit somewhere between these two in terms of technical ability, intention to use one and the need for having it as a daily driver.

Gaming console
With options like Steamdeck, and what I thought was a wonderful idea in Nintendo Labo, there are Clockwork Pi’s Gameshell, and Playdate, there is ample room and evidence for a nice alternative.

E-Ink device
I absolutely love my Kindle, it has served me really well for the last 8 years, but as it’s battery comes to an end I am on the hunt for open-hardware or devices that are open-source compatible. The panel itself remains fully functional and beautiful, but I do not have the time or the technical know-how to forage for parts and have a fully functional e-ink device that “just” works.


Business hat:

  • Make sure the “nest egg” allows Framework to survive any disruptions.
  • Expand the markets for the current product lineup.
  • Get better control of the firmware in house. (Better able to quickly respond to issues such as not suspending properly)
  • Provide a linux first experience. No one should be on the fence Framework vs System76 (or Tuxedo, etc)

Consumer hat:

  • Mobile phone (understanding this would be really, really, hard to do.)
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A laptop with a larger screen.

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Fair enough. In that case I’ll second a product running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 that is easy for Linux devs to use. So something set-top-box sized that isn’t a laptop would work. Or, you know, a toaster.


Cooling. (this is a laptop mod not a laptop:-)
A laptop cooling fan that actually works. Notions:

  • replaces the base of the laptop.
  • External water cooling pump.
  • External air-con refrigeration.
  • Silent fans, would need some research on blade design.
  • without LED’s please!

Human interface design for tech.

  • Eye tracking.
  • gesture tracking.
  • Gesture tracking mouse.
  • Direct brainwave interface control.
    This has all been done, getting it to market in a sustainable way is the tricky part.

@RobS @PDXTabs @Peter_Karousis and all those others asking for laptop upgrades ???

If the answer for this thread title is for the laptop, maybe a thread people can post is the Feature Request Megathread .


I just want to say that there is no need to police the content of this thread and put others down for recommending laptop things. I was trying to shift the topic back to non-laptop ideas when I saw a lot of talk of laptop things, but if Nirav or the mods were unhappy with the content of this thread, they would have said so. All ideas are okay as this is just a friendly discussion!


Isn’t that the similar, and arguably even more off topic and hardly friendly :slight_smile: Sure if the mods read every post they may have decided to say something, it had already been mentioned. In fact were you not the first person to mention it was going off topic?

Then there was Second_coming you thought the whole topic was just about a waste of time as Framework wouldn’t really act upon, and if it keeps going off topic and more so then I can see how it could become an inefective survey.

So sure anyone can say what they like but the consequences are there may be a response they don’t quite like and sure that isn’t freindly.

But if I were afraid of someone being upsaet with what I say I would never be able to speak.

So thanks for the reminder and back to the topic.

I can’t think of another electronic item I would like

Maybe a really good DSLR camera that can make phone calls :slight_smile:

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