[Collection] Wishlist Framework (Company & products)

To make it easier for @Framework to stay up-to-date with the recent wishes of the community, I plan to keep this list updated with things the community looks forward to have in either the products or the company framework itself.

This list is (for now) in no specific order.


  • Laptop in different sizes (15" and 17" version) (ref, ref2)
  • UMPC mini laptop (ref)
  • Resizing of the expansion cards to either fit 3 next to each other or having them bigger to allow things like a fullsize SDcard reader (ref)
  • Longer lasting battery (better suspend/hibernation power consumption, energy-saving setup) (ref)
  • Kill switch for wifi and bluetooth (ref)
  • Dedicated USB C plug for charging (Like this)
  • More refurbished laptops/parts (ref)
  • Case/bag for framework cards (ref)
  • New designs (ref)
  • Magnesium Alloy Chassis (ref)


  • More CPU/GPU vendors (AMD, RISC-V, etc) (ref)
  • (Better) eGPU support (ref)


  • Keyboard with Framework Logo instead of Windows Logo (ref)
  • DVORAK keyboard layout (ref)
  • Keyboard/display protection (ref)
  • Indicators for FN and alike (ref)
  • Bluetooth and Wifi switches (ref)


  • Touchscreen option (ref)
  • Matte screen option (ref)
  • Brighter screen (>=500 nits) (ref)
  • Screens with higher refresh rate (144hz) (ref)
  • OLED Screens (ref)


  • Magnetic charger plug (something like MagSafe) (ref)
  • Fullsize SDCard reader (ref)
  • LTE Support (ref)
  • Fingerprint sensor on the Framework Chromebook (ref)
  • GPS module (ref)
  • Modular dock > eGPU (ref)
  • Recolor ethernet port to fit to the other expansion cards (ref)
  • 10 key expansion card with usb slots (ref)
  • KVM Module (ref)
  • MicroSD-Card Reader update (ref)
  • Double USB-C card (ref)


  • Coreboot support (ref)


  • Tablet (ref1, ref2)
  • Printer with ADF (ref)
  • Dumb TV (ref)
  • Dock (ref)
  • Smart Bluetooth Keyboard (ref)
  • Repairable Phone (ref)


  • Possibly an official 2nd hand parts store to send parts to which are not needed anymore but can be bought from other customers (ref)
  • More distribution centers, possibly one in EU/ASIA/US (ref)

If you have any wish I haven’t written down yet, feel free to reply and I’ll consider adding it!


I’m not sure I agree with a lot of this list. For example, the dedicated USB C for charging would fly in the face of the modularity and repair-ability. If you mess up or break your dedicated USB C port, how can it be repaired? Framework currently has a system that cost $9 to fix. I doubt it will get much better than that.

I know it is a lot of work, but if you could reference the posts that are asking for these things on this forum in your list, it would be a better representation of the community’s wishes.

Full disclosure: I added UMPC laptop to the list. I’ve said it probably 6 times on this forum alone.


Me neither, but it’s not about me but rather what other people threw into the room.

Will do, please give me some time for that.

I saw this, I’ve allowed your edit to go through.

@2disbetter I updated most list points with a reference.


You are missing the Modular Dock → EGPU using the standard expansion cards. I know mentioned it (got a bunch of likes) and others made similar requests later in the thread.

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Thanks, I’ve added it. I’m missing a lot, I haven’t read all the thousands of posts on this forum.


As someone who has read most if not all of the thousands of posts on this forum, you wrote up a very good list, and while I haven’t checked all your references myself, I trust that you did a good job of getting those too! Thanks for your hard work in making this list!


Thank you! I’ve only been on this forum for a few days, but it’s good to know I hit the nail.

I’ve added the last remaining references and added one or two new wishes to the list while I was at it.

I hope this will become helpful for both the community and Framework in the long run.

My idea would be that after receiving input from Framework I could add those statements to the wishes and seperate them by state (or add a simple status to the current list) [open, WiP, no impl, hold].

I have no direct contact to the Framework people but I hope we can get this running as I’m interested in Frameworks long run success and willing to work on it.

Edit: I’ve added a new Firmware section.

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@Anachron could you add Coreboot to the list under firmware? Here is a link to the oldest thread on the subject. Coreboot on the Framework Laptop


@2disbetter @Framework it looks like this forum is set up in a way that I can’t edit posts after one day. Can this be changed? Else it’s quite uselss to make such a list.

turn it into a wiki

Edit: might have to be a mod to do that

Made it into a wiki.


For modules:
KVM module so we can use the laptop as a screen+keyboard/touchpad when we are working with headless systems.

For screen:
Maybe a lower resolution screen around 1080p (though might not matter considering Wayland Fractional Scaling may be implemented well by then).

Dedicated USB-C charge port might work, instead of a module, we can have an additional replaceable daughter board similar to the Audio jack.

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Thank you!


Added it, already saw it on this post but forgot to add it.

I think this is a “dying” problem and we shouldn’t use hardware workarounds for software issues imo.

That’s how I would imagine it too. Could be a useful addition and maybe even only requite a new bottom chassis replacement with an extra card.


For Modular Phone, AR glasses, and Tablet? Does Framework Laptop can replace the case of the laptop?

I wish that Framework Laptop offer different design and color?

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Hello @Omega21 and welcome to the forums!

I’ve added your suggestions to the list.

Have a nice day!

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Can I add something for the wishlist, maybe an Magnesium Alloy chassis for even lighter weight?


Since a stronger chassis has been mentioned at least a couple of times on the forums, I’ve added it to the wishlist!


A keyboard with multi-color backlights would be nice.

Branding-free options for all external components with branding would be nice. I think that’d just be the top cover and the bezel.