What to Expect in 2022?

Good morning Framework…

I have 5,000+ clients and need to plan ahead.

Which additional CPUs/GPUs may we expect to see… and when?

Any chance of a 15 inch model… some of us have older eyes.


I feel like you should contact support about that although I think @ImaxinarDM might be able to help you as well

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There is no predictable answer for this, or for when mass quantities of parts are going to be available again. Framework has already changed the design slightly because of chip shortages.

I don’t advise clients to wait for the unknown… Solutions achievable today are more my style.

:wink: YEAH, I have old eyes too… Did you know my 483rd birthday is on the 25th? I’m an ELF… BTW

P. S. I can read my “tiny” little 13" screen just fine, I went from a 15" MSI to the Framework.

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I “can” and do work on 13" screens.

I put in 16 to 18 hour days… and my eyes tire more quickly on a 13.

I have many clients that are in their 70’s to 90’s.

I am asking for all of the seniors/Baby-Boomers+.

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One of my clients is an ISS Instructor.
Another is the editor for an International Supercomputing and Simulation zine: Ralph Coolidge Huntsinger | Editor | SciTechnol | Journal of Com
Several others perform cryptography with Russian or Chinese.
I support several Experimental Aircraft clients.
xPlane has been great therapy for several of my retired combat veterans.
So yes, when will Framework have laptops with discrete GPUs?

@ImaxinarDM Dang man, I was just talking about having clients lol

I think you mentioned somewhere else that you ran a business and were considering deploying framework laptops

That’s all lol

@Thomas_Green there is nobody on the forums that can answer timeline questions that isn’t a framework employee

They will make an announcement I’m sure when they are ready but all we can do is twiddle our thumbs and wait

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