What's best for battery health when leaving for a week

If I have to leave the Framework laptop unattended for a week, what would be be best thing to keep the battery as healthy as possible?

  1. Fully charge and power power off.
  2. Leave power cable connected and charging.
  3. Something else?
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Same as any other Lithium battery.

If you turn the laptop off, make sure it is any where between 50% and 80% and let it be.


Uh, not recent information, but, for what it is worth.

As of several years ago, M$, Windows 10 left an interesting issue regarding batteries. Windows 10 Home could not refuse updates, but it could be set to Download and Install Updates during, what Windows guesses is your no use time, usually set to the middle of the night.

Computer would come on in the middle of the night to check for a connection to do updates. If it could find a connection, it would Download and do Updates.

If the computer was in a bag, it could easily overheat.

In my case, I left it unplugged, out of the way. After several weeks, I found the battery was without enough charge, that it would not take a charge. Nor would the computer start, with PC on Mains. I had to buy a new battery.

My policy is set computer on a flat shelf with the charger plugged in. Every so often, run the battery all the way down, then recharge it, so the battery ability to take a the best possible charge is maintained. I would guess twice a week then, 2010 with Lithium batteries. Not sure of best advice today.

I actually have Windows 10 Pro, where I can optional turn off auto update for so many days. I am very concerned about doing the updates. Just not killing my battery.

If anyone has more recent knowledge of M$ Policies, then please let us all know.

My advice being, leave the computer on a hard flat surface so the fans can cool it. Leave it connected to mains.

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perhaps turn off auto connect to wifi (if you are going to leave it off
for extended time) then MS can’t connect. Also, updates are just once a month ( second tues) I think

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