What's inside the audio expansion card?

The description says “increased dynamic range and improved signal to noise ratio” but doesn’t mention the chipset. Which DAC is inside this card? Anyone want to share their lsusb output? :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure. Don’t know what DAC it is, but here’s my lsusb output:

32ac:0010 Framework Audio Expansion Card

Edit: I popped it open, and there appears to be only one IC, and it’s quite small. Doesn’t seem to be a lot going on in there.

Can you make macro pictures (often possible with a phone!) of the IC so it can be identified?


Here’s a photo of the front and back. I need to get a loupe out to see if I can read what is on the main IC


Got it. Not sure if this helps.


Mine has almost the same numbers: 993 SE0094 3523G 2127V

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interesting! that’s certainly what electronics wizards will be looking for. i can’t find anything on the web with a casual search, so this certainly needs more digging or help from Framework itself!

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is that marker? on the first pic, top left corner?

Yeah, it’s got several marks on the PCB including black marker. Presumably for tracking some kind of assembly or QC step.


Is it good for analog hifi recording off microphone preamps? I mean pro microphones into low noise mixers, etc. I have USB stuff, but would like to know how good/quiet a dynamic mic directly or from a phantom box, instruments, etc. into it is. Is it even stereo?
Would be neat if the card, on a short USB extension would keep it away from the computer chassis noise.

For wired audio (when I don’t need mic), I just use the Tanchjim Space and call it a day.

I believe it’s a standard trrs jack with stereo audio out and mono mic in, as you normally find on laptops and phones.

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Are there any board upgrades instead of the standard board replacement?

Not officially from Framework.

Ah, we intended to share this, but apparently never did. The Audio Expansion Card uses a Conexant CX31993 USB audio CODEC.


Well regarded IC! Definitely a good choice!

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