What's your tech setup and why?

I’ve noticed a few people say they use a powerful strong workstation and use their Framework to log into it over VPN. I did have Zerotier and used TeamViewer mainly to log into my threadripper.

What electronics do you use and why?

I have a 10th generation Intel i7 FNHi7NUC which I use as my desktop with an Asus monitor and Logitech trackball and Asus keyboard.

I run vagrant and virtual machines and it handles them fine due to NVMe SSD and 32gb RAM

I did have a 32 core 128gb RAM AMD threadripper but I had to give it away due to accommodation problems. I need flexibility in accommodation arrangements so my setup needs to be portable. That’s why I have the NUC. It’s only four inches by four inches so it’s portable and upgradable.

Framework and the NUC and monitor can fit in a large carryall luggage. I also have a metal monitor arm which I don’t know if that would fit in the luggage too.

I also have. Samsung S9 which is a few years old but a highly reliable phone. Unfortunately it is Exynos rather than Qualcomm Snapdragon.

I have a Synalogy 4 bay NAS for 16tb of storage.

The problem with desktop machines is that they’re too large and hard to transport.

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Power Mac G4(s; one is with me and two are stored away)

  • 2x800MHz MPC7450s; 2MB L3, 133MHz FSB
  • Quicksilver 2001 logic board
  • Radeon 9800 Pro
  • 1.5GB PC133 RAM /128GB hard drive
  • Mac OS 9.2.2/10.4.11/10.5.8

6600K hand-me-down

  • i5-6600K (wow, really?)
  • Asus ROG Maximus VIII Ranger
  • GTX 970 sometimes, RX 570 others
  • 16GB DDR4, 256GB SATA SSD
  • Fedora 36
  • I wish I had sold the parts off when the prices were high

Pentium II

  • Dell Optiplex GX1
  • 350MHz Pentium II, Slot 1
  • 3D RAGE PRO, integrated
  • 96MB RAM (was at one point 128MB… I think my sticks may be dying)
  • 6.1GB HD, Windows 98 SE/DOS 7.0, usually booted in DOS mode

PowerBook G4

  • 1.67GHz MPC7447A; 167MHz FSB
  • Mobility Radeon 9700 Pro
  • 2GB DDR2, 256GB SSD
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11/10.5.8/FreeBSD 13.1

PowerBook G3

  • 333MHz PPC750L; 66.67MHz FSB
  • 320MB PC100, 16/64GB CF cards
  • Mac OS 9.0/X DP2 on 16GB card (and attempts to get 8.1 working), Void Linux on 64GB card

I’ve made a personal pledge that by 2025, I won’t have any amd64 machines left, I’ll be fully PowerPC/OpenPOWER/ARM/one or two Pentium 4 and unders for old software and games, or testing Haiku/ReactOS. So I’ve decided to go for a 14" MacBook Pro for my next laptop, with Linux installed because of course, while waiting for the ARM or an OpenPOWER mainboard for the Framework. FW is definitely something I really want though, the 3:2 display is such a welcome feature and the longevity is highly appealing to me. Plus, 13" is a really portable size which is nice.
Also, I have others, these are just the most immediately interesting and that I have immediate access to.

I hate my phone, a Moto G Play 2021. Absolute garbage outclassed by the flagships of seven years ago. Plus it has that ugly as sin notch. I’m not excited to get a notch on the MBP either, but at leaat TopNotch does exist and I’m finding it at a decent deal. Otherwise I’d just go for a 13" M2 Pro, which I’m still considering. Or an M1, I see them pretty cheap for a near top end model used.
I have an iPod 7th gen I still use every day to listen to music and love the thing, it makes my headphones, a pair of Samsung K240 Studio monitors, sound as good as they’ve ever sounded.

I don’t want this to give the wrong impression – I like Macs because they’re cheap and accessible, yet powerful for their time, RISC machines, not because they’re Macs or because I like Apple, at most I have a distant respect for some of the things they’ve done. I do like the Mac OS, especially the NeXT .app packages and simple folder architecture, but I could leave or take the GUI.