When is Framework Laptop 16 shipping?

When is framework laptop 16 batch 7 and 8 shipping? I do i find out about this?

While batch 1 is shipping soon (this month), there are no confirmed dates for any other batch. Some might speculate when it should be for batch 7 and 8 based on how long other framework products have taken, but no one can be sure of anything other then they are going to be the 7th and 8th batches shipped.

However, they are going to be doing shipping of the batches close to one another, so it wouldn’t take long after the 1st has shipped for the 2nd to begin, and then the 3rd, etc.

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Depends on Chinese New Year, which is in early Feb. So I’m betting we might not get batch 2 shipped, or only partially shipped, before basically everything shuts down for a bit. After that, it’ll definitely pick back up.

As for Batch 7/8 shipping, I think we’ll have a decent guess by the time batch 4 or 5 ships, but otherwise we have no real clue when.