When is Windows 11 available on Framework?

When will Windows 11 be available on the Framework laptop WITHOUT using a beta version?

Ask Microsoft not framework.


I used the installation assistant. Installed fine without waiting for Windows update to deliver the update


@Josh_Cook I don‘t think Microsoft has a list with a release date for every single laptop manufacturer. And I‘m sure that Framework, which technically hasn‘t even released a computer yet, wouldn‘t be on that list. So I‘m asking Framework.

I’ve been using Windows 11 for a few weeks now without any issues, just did a clean install from the run of the mill media creation tool. Windows 11 has officially released now too. What do you mean by a “beta” version?


@Alex_Franco Don‘t you have to use a beta version if Windows 11 isn‘t out for your system? Because even though it‘s officially released, it‘s far from available on all systems.

Windows 11 is available on all systems as of October 5th; they’re just staging the upgrade rollout until 2022. You can download the upgrade assistant or an installer ISO on the Windows Software download page


There is no such thing as a list of compatible computers there is unless it’s from dell or hp only their website which tells you which CPUs are supported or you download the PC health check app to check compatibility.

I don’t believe so. They do have release channels like a dev, beta, and preview builds of Windows, but those are all leading up to the generally available build. As far as I know, the generally available build is the same build everywhere. You can do a clean install of the GA build on a Framework, Surface laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo ThinkPad, etc., and they should all work the same. The current Windows 11 build is 22000.194 (source), and that’s what I have installed on my Framework without any issues

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It’s out now and your Framework can run it.

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should I buy W10, and is the upgrade to W11 free?

Yep. It’s freeeeeeee.

Yep it is, with the caveat that the version you buy for 10 is the version you get with 11. So if you have Windows 10 Home, you will have Windows 11 Home. Of note is that local accounts are only possible on Pro and higher versions. So I’d suggest making sure you get pro.

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thanks, since windows locks you to hardware, what happens if you do your first install on detachable storage? Does it run in a similar machine for 30 days without activation or whatever? Keeping the original use on the Framework.
I am used to having a portable drive (of PCLinuxOS) being able to boot on several machines. (and having DD drive )

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