When will Expansion Cards be available for purchase separately?

Hi everyone, This is a quick general question to ask about when it will be possible to order the expansion cards separately. If anyone currently can answer this, I would definitely like to know. Thanks for your time.

You’ll be able to order new expansion cards when the Framework Marketplace launches later this year, if you contact support they’ll be able to manually process your order for the expansion cards.


I looked on Framework Marketplace, but can only see options to order laptops. I need to order some more expansion cards, is the correct method still to contact Support?

Greg - I see all kinds of expansion cards for sale at the above URL. Storage expansion, HDMI, DP, USB… etc.

I think the marketplace is only live in USA - I’m in the UK and only see laptops/custom build, no expansion cards…

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Yep, must not be available in the UK - that URL just takes me to the Marketplace page offering only laptops.

I’m a Canadian and I see the marketplace open for me. It must be a Europe thing.

Have to admit had it been made plain that “when you order your laptop in the UK, the cards you order are the only cards you’ll be able to get for a while!” I may have bought a couple extra.

Basically all of them except the storage ones.