Where are the Framwork 13 AMD Ryzen 7040 diagnostic blink dodes described?


Yesterday I received my new AMD Framework (DIY) and wasn’t able to boot from my USB-A flash drive. It just wouldn’t show in the boot screen. Secure Boot was off and USB Boot was on. I noticed that it sometimes showed blink codes. I was able to find the blink codes for Intel-based Frameworks in the Knowledge Base, but not the AMD one. Are these just not there? Can these be put there?

(I was able to solve my problem by replacing the flash drive, btw. Not sure what the problem was, it worked fine on a different computer. I am booting from USB-C now, maybe that was it)

I only find one Framework Laptop port80 codes · GitHub

the code doesn’t help me a lot, but remove channel 1 ram(left ram) actually resolved issue. Both my ram sticks work on channel 0(right ram). I could see bios now.

I have also submitted support request 2 days ago, but no response yet. I will send one more today, you may also want to connect the team ASAP.

Note that Framework support response times are 4-6 days right now due to excessive demand. They’ve previously said that sending a new request resets your position in the queue so it might be better to wait unless you have new information to convey.

See: Status of Framework Support (December 12th, 2023) : framework

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Oh thanks! Glad to know!

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