Where can I get used 11th gen model?

Since 12th gen is out and people are upgrading, I’m looking for a 11th gen model(as barebone as possible, new barebone is priced at $679) at a discount, I know the official price is slashed, I’m just looking to see if I could save a bit more as I’m on a budget.

I think there won’t be a official buy and sell place for liability reason. I did try reddit hws but there wasn’t a lot of trade/selling of framework. Does anyone want to sell cause you upgraded or simply just want to get rid of? Or Is there a better place to buy used?

I guess eBay would be an option, but the prices are pretty much the same there too.

Right now the cheapest one is $620, but it is an auction, so that’s likely to go up.

12th gen won’t be shipped until July, so there are no used ones for sale from people upgrading right now.

In fact the ones listed at the start of this thread were gone hours after the first post:

so they seem to be in high demand with not many used ones for sale, contrary to that thread.

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