Where in store can buy this? for international visitors

for people live in Mexico, and anywhere beyond Framework’s shipping; I have chance to visit Oregon for shopping, where can I buy this in store?

Welcome to the Framework community! Unfortunately, Framework has not yet officially launched in Mexico, meaning they do not have the authority to sell or ship their products there. They are also not available for purchase in any retail stores. They kindly ask for your patience while they continue to expand their global footprint.

It is important to note that Framework does not support freight forwarding, and any orders that utilize freight forwarding or holding company addresses or have false billing information are subject to cancellation upon audit. Please keep in mind that any discussion of getting around these restrictions would not be permitted.

We all wish that Framework could be everywhere globally, but that is not possible at this time for a number of reasons which have been explained in previous posts. If and when Framework does expand to Mexico in the future, I hope you’ll consider a purchase at that time.