Where to find Windows 10 Drivers?

I installed Windows 10 on an expansion card in my FW16, and it works fine but I can’t use internet or ethernet because I don’t know where to find the right drivers. I tried out the Windows 11 drivers but they didn’t work.

Windows 10 is not supported. So the Windows 11 drivers are what Framework provides.

The FWL16 wifi card is a RZ616.
The ethernet is RTL8156.
You could google to see if working drivers exist for win 10.

Use this driver package on the official website
Actually works on both 10and 11

He said he tried the Win 11 drivers.

Thank you! I was able to find the right drivers and things seem to be working perfectly.
In case someone has this same issue here are the links I used:

Ethernet: https://driverscollection.com/?H=RTL8156&By=RealTek&SS=Windows%2010

Wifi: (EDIT - this one actually didnt work for me but i’ll leave it here anyways)

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Was that the only Windows 10 specific driver you needed? Did the other Windows 11 drivers work?

I haven’t noticed anything broken so i suppose the Win11 drivers worked

Also I still need to find the right driver for wifi since only the ethernet one worked for me

Honestly, you should be able to install all drivers just fine, does not matter whether you use 10 or 11.

I literally see some XP drivers working fine on windows 10, so I don’t really see the issue.