Which city should be the best for Framework to launch their first office in EU? Or which country should be the best for Framework to have their legal entity in EU?

As you know it is out of this thread’s topic. please don’t write the “country name when” comment on this thread. There are many other threads covering it such as What countries will you be shipping to? .

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I think that Berlin, Germany is the best city and country for the Framework EU office if Framework may have it in the future.

I saw Hackaday’s article about their event HackaDay Berlin.

If you’re wondering why there was no newsletter last weekend, it was because we had our hands full with Hackaday Berlin. But boy, was it worth it! Besides being the launch party for the tenth annual Hackaday Prize, it was the first Hackaday gathering in Europe for four years, and it was awesome to see a bunch of familiar faces and meet many more new ones.

And I also saw that Penk, the author of the Mainboard Terminal, the Framework mainboard-based computer lives in Berlin now by his Twitter. And it seems that he lived in Taiwan and Japan in the past. That means maybe the relocation from Asia to Europe was a big event for him, and maybe he carefully thought about which city is the best to live in Europe.

So, I thought Berlin has something to attract people tinkering with hardware.