Which Framework 13 for school amd or intel?

a looking for a framework 13inch for school
witch processor will bi the best for internet and documents
and the longest battery life
how match ram should a buy
a got a 1tb nvme ssd that a will swap from my laptop tho my new one


Trying to get her laptop?

AMD. There is little reason to get the intel. At least their current 13th gen.

AMD provides longer battery life.

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I’m sorry, what?
What am I missing?

A pun based on a typo.

okay is good how match ram should a buy?

English is not my first language

Yes, a pun based on a typo.
This is the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of OZ.

It could also have been an auto-complete problem from various system.

The correct english word for your question is “Which”, which is pronounced the same as witch.

I hope it brought a smile to you, as that was the intent.

I can’t really answer your question, because my FW13 is a Batch 1 11th Gen device. I have not attempted to optimize battery life as I am almost always at home with it.


okay :grinning: :+1:

You mention “Internet and documents” in your original post - neither of those require excessive amounts of RAM.

Also, the beauty of Framework laptops is, that you can buy some RAM now and if - say in 3 years from now - you feel like you need more, you can simply swap it out.

I would recommend 16 GB of RAM (2x 8 GB for better speed) or 32 GB (as 2x 16 Gb) depending on how much you are willing or able to pay.



Thx a will buy 2x8gb of ram then

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Good choice. For school, not many use cases can be made up that actually require 32 GB RAM. I provide a Debian-12-based VM for my students including Python, R, Jupyter Notebook, and RStudio and a decent selection of packages / libraries for my courses that uses 4 GB RAM (we do not work on large datasets). So, including the RAM demand of their host OS, they are just fine with 16 GB RAM. And so will you be.


If you are a student consider buying economical ones like the Factory Seconds, reuse RAM and SSD from old laptops or buy refurbished ones and don’t forget to buy a WiFi card separately, search or ask which WiFi card is compatible. If the budget is sufficient go for the AMD one for lower power consumption, note that AMD 7040 series uses DDR5 instead of DDR4 RAM which may be harder to find refurbished.

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Do you plan on using Windows or Linux? 16GB is fine for Linux - but I would rather go with 32GB on Windows.

Plan on running windows on it

if your workload is light (office, web-browser, text/code editing), 16GB will be enough. if you are budget conscious, 16GB will be enough.

it might be nice to have 32GB (which is what I meant in my first comment) - it isn’t necessary.

Lots of browsing reading and YouTube documents

You definitely don’t need more than 16GB for that. You might not even need more than 8GB, though I’d still get 16GB, especially on Windows.