Who wants a project? CF-Express A Reader

Hi everyone, as I wait to get my FW16, was curious if there is a maker out there in the USA that would be interested in working on project for me. I use Sony cameras and they have CF Express Type A cards. There is a compact reader from Sabrent that I think could be transformed into an expansion card. Willing to purchase the reader and fund some dev time if there is an interested party.

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While I can’t make cards … Here are the dimensions …

The issue tends to be that the receptacles are much larger than the cards.


In this case the cards are pretty small, and the housings which tend to be larger than needed, are still pretty close to the expansion card sizes. ‎2.2 x 1.77 x 0.59 inches


Even if not flush, having stick out a little would not be the end of the world.

CFExpesss type A cards are the same size as SD cards.
Different electrically, though.
In prior posts, a small USB-C SD card reader was adapted into a Frame.work expansion card format.

It may be possible, for a CFExpress Type A, based in that.

Really nice if it could do SD, SD UHS-II, and CFExpress Type A in one slot.

I would be more interested in a Type B reader, as that is what my cameras use.

Those full size SD card readers inside a Framework expansion card case were barely possible. Mounting tabs on the SD receptacle had to be cut off.
If the CF-Expesss receptacle’s frame is even a couple mm wider, or has protrusions, it may not fit.

I see type A is 20mm wide, 4mm less than a full size SD. Worth exploring the size of connectors that can be found in small quantities. I took a glance on mouser but didn’t see a type A one.


Yeah, based on eye balling it is a guess, and I dont have the skills to open a reader and shave it down and convert the cable to just a post, hence my offer to buy a reader and fund a few hours of exploration.