Why are click tracking redirects being used in email communications?

I noticed all the links in a recent email about firmware updates are using the klclick redirect tracker. Why is this necessary? I’m sure it’s benign but this kind of thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


My guess is that they want to know how much their email updates drive users to their site. Especially since the current users can forward emails like those to friends and family, it can give analytics on what kinds of email content can pull in more people who didn’t receive the email directly.

I understand the concern with trackers though, so luckily for you, all emails in the past have also appeared as forum posts if you want a way to view the links without being tracked.


It’s this kind of thing that has trained me to rarely (if ever) click on links in emails. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to re-opt-in to a few mailing lists because they couldn’t tell I was reading the emails (which means all my privacy protection stuff is working!).

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This is the default for Klaviyo, which is the email tool we use. We have a development task open to switch those links to use our domain instead, but this is behind other development priorities. Agreed that opaque links are annoying and in some cases harmful (though not harmful in our case).


I see, thanks for the response. I didn’t think anything nefarious was going on but the links were intercepted by my adblocker. I’m enjoying my laptop and I think you and the team are doing a great thing.


adblock also did its job for me. Couldn’t even unsubscribe without connecting to a different network. Hopefully this trk.klclick.com stuff successfully tracks people that never hit anything else than the unsubscribe button.