Why can´t i get an invoice?


I would love to buy (preorder) a FrameWork Laptop TODAY for me / my company.

But how on earth is it possible that i can by “volume for business” but can´t get an invoice with taxes etc. when i buy ONE ???

I really really don´t get it, does a business who buys 5 or more laptops don´t get or need invoices for them ?!?

Here in germany i can´t buy and use anything for my company without a correct invoices…

I (also from Germany) got a copy of the invoice on the outside of the package and requested it from Framework support AFTER purchasing it. I guess you’ll have to pay for it yourself and later give your employer the invoice.

Hi, and you did get a real 100% correct invoice that would be accepted by our “Finanzamt” ?
I asked FrameWork directly and they said all i can have i a screenshot with no taxes etc…

I don’t think Framework pay the taxes, hence they cannot provide a receipt

You may find UPS or FedEx deal with the taxes on import, maybe you can ask them for a copy of what they did/paid etc.

If they sell something in germany of course they have to pay german taxes like every other company! Anything else would be ilegal / black market…

This topic has been discussed at length before here:

See also here: Does Framework offer businesses tax (or VAT) exemptions and tax (or VAT) exemption invoicing?

I don’t think Framework are selling in Germany, they are selling to poeple in Germany via couriers, so not illegal etc.

Whatever taxes are due are paid by you via the courier who are paid by Framework.

So an invoice for the basic cost and a courier invoice for the taxes paid would be usefull, but I image there will be discepancies so the couriers are not transparent about how much of the money they pay in taxes and how much they pocket.

Is the courier always providing this information (so we should be careful not to throw it with the package) or it may or may not provide it?

Sadly the courier doesn’t provide all the info, they do it behind closed doors.

For instance the cost will be the same no matter the courier fees. They take not just a fee for carriage but for arranging VAT and TAX payments on Frameworks behalf.

How much of the cost goes to Framework, how much to Taxes etc. and how much the couriers is not known and would be different for the price of each item, the destination and the courier. Hence Framework just use a simple number no matter the currency, dollars, pounds, euros, irrespective of Taxes, location or courier.

It’s a new business and that just makes less work for Framework.

I ordered 6€ mouse switches from a two man company in australia yesterday and guess what i already have a invoice with tax / vat etc. etc. for my company…

I really don´t get it WHY a company like FrameWork makes it so difficult to give them money !

A lot of small items don’t require much attention. In the UK it has to over£135

You will not have to pay anything to the delivery company to receive goods worth less than £135 unless they’re gifts over £39 or excise goods (for example, alcohol and tobacco)
Tax and customs for goods sent from abroad: Tax and duty - GOV.UK

If you bought the goods yourself and they are not excise goods, the seller will have included VAT in the total you paid.

I have asked the question to support and they say they can create, on request, an invoice including VAT.


I asked and they said no…

Yes that was my view given past posts. Maybe it is dependent upon delivery location. It maybe worth ‘confronting’ them with the post above ??? I note @Vincent_Bernat only joined the forum a day ago ~ could Framework have updated their abilities :slight_smile:

I got this message this morning:

Thank you for your inquiry and we are more than happy to assist you.

As we are focused on consumer retail sales and have not launched a business or B2B support as of yet, we typically only offer the receipt of purchase as sent via the shipping confirmation email. That said, what we can do is create a manual invoice from the information that we will gather from the order. You just need to contact us back once the final payment has been captured for us to manually create an invoice. Please find the sample manual created invoice attached (Billing and Shipping address will be captured wherever exact information will be provided when processing the order Including the Company name if applicable, VAT included).

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This looks promising, im a little afraid if this will be working for my location since they will write this only AFTER the final payment. So worst case when it´s to late…

When i asked again and linked this thread i got this;

As we are focused on consumer retail sales and have not launched business or B2B support as of yet. Once the final payment is captured and the order shipped, our customers can contact us for an Invoice. Please note that what we will be generating is not a real invoice but a document showing the total VAT paid.

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So i´m out of this the time i spent on even getting an answer is not worth the pre-order…
I still don´t get it why a invoice is this problematic!

Thanks all for the help !

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Isn’t that ‘good’ enough ??

Not from our tax consultant… So sadly no.

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