Why not plastic?

I came across this project a while back and immediately thought of Framework Laptop.


I think this is a very interesting direction in product design. Framework is already a niche product, so why not make this niche even more unique!

Most laptops today are already made of metal, but for the Framework, the use of plastic could be a great fit into the product’s vision. Also, the plastic itself can be recycled, which to my taste is very attractive (and kind of sends a certain message).

It may be cheaper to produce a plastic case and components. Also, plastic modules are less demanding in terms of joining components than metal ones, where any subtle discrepancies immediately evoke a negative emotional response.

Since the Framework Laptop is aimed more at tech geeks, they are known to love mechanical keyboards (myself included). It would be awesome if you go in that direction, extending customization even to key-caps.

Please check out the attached reference. I hope someday we will see a similar product in your lineup.
Maybe someone has seen similar design solutions. Please, share if so.
Thank you, I sincerely wish the company success

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure that ‘niche’ is the way Framework set out, nor to be unique. There’s no doubt the option to use expansion cards is currently unique and yes the ability to upgrade parts is attractive.

Being in the UK it took until Feb 2022 before I could get one, though I had committed as soon as I knew of the item. Had it been plastic I would not have bothered so won’t be checking out your link.

A lot of what you say about plastic is ‘true’ but not attractive enough in this instance. You will find others wanting thicker metal to conduct more heat, again not something I would find endearing.

Also saying Framework is aimed at ‘tech geeks’ seems more than a bit off. I would see it as more of a long term attention to reusable tech and reusable is a key word for business as well as ‘green geeks’

I may seem to fit many groups of uncommon practices but I would not advise anyone changes their uniqueness and clearly that would include Framework.

They will come up with changes and development and I’ll make note of them. A wooden chassis I would love, maybe an edible one would go down well, but plastic is the most useless product in my off grid, organic habitat and I have plenty of wood to burn, no need for fossil fuels or bio-plastic.

. . . you say ‘thought’ not ‘bought’ ??

Take care

Metal can be infinitely recycled, can the same be said for plastic?

No, not at all. In fact recycling of plastic is mainly marketing hype, as the act of recycling plastic is very energy intensive and very low yield in plastic that is in fact reusable.

Building with aluminum is one of the absolute best materials to use, due to its ability to be recycled, its durability, and weight.


Personally I wouldn’t even think of getting a laptop where the case is plastic. Brings to mind those early years where plastic screeches etc

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