Why only a USB 2 cable?

Just had a look at the USB C cable that came with the charger and had to notice that the connector it misses the TX/AX1 and TX/AX2 pins, which limits the cable to USB 2.0 speeds. And checking the marketplace entry for it, it explicitly says “USB 2.0”.

This made me question why the Framwork team decided to include such a slow cable, given that scrolling through Amazon cables which advertise USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 speeds are not significantly more expensive?

Your charger doesn’t usually need to transfer data over the USB cable…

USB-C data cables with e-markers are substantially more expensive, and completely unnecessary for charging purposes. I’m not aware of any reputable brand that makes a >USB 2.0 cable that supports 100W until you get into Thunderbolt cable territory.


Well I might want to also use that cable to transfer data from my iPhone to my laptop or to connect an external SSD disk. This is then being limited to USB 2 speeds. If I want faster data transfer (which at least in the external disk case I most likely will, an SSD limited to 40 MiB/s isn’t fun) I need to buy an extra cable and now have two USB C cables where I would only need one (proper). Owning twice as much cables as one needs also doubles the amount of electronic waste once the cables reach their end of life, which is definitely not in the spirit of the “reduce electronic waste” mission of Framework.

Ah yeah that makes sense, I didn’t know this. But then still, if the only argument against a Thunderbold cable is money I still think including only a USB 2 cable is not well-aligned with the mission of Framework for the reasons lined out above. Also personally I prefer to spend more money on proper gear over cheaper items with less features/quality.

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I think most chargers from other laptop makers do the same. It’s a cable included with a charger, it only needs to charge. Also, a quality thunderbolt 100W cable will be thicker and stiffer.

I wouldn’t want to pay extra for a thunderbolt 100W cable when I don’t need it. Nor do I want it thicker and stiffer than it needs it be. I keep my laptops plugged in most of the time, that cable is always going to be plugged into the charger. Different people will have a different setup, but since the cable is removable, you can use whatever you prefer.


I wouldn’t want to pay extra for a thunderbolt 100W cable when I don’t need it.

I agree, but it could be cool to see in the DIY page

This is a very good point. I bought a 240w usb4 data/charging cable as more of a curiosity. That thing is thick and stiff in a way that I would not want to carry that around with me in most cases.


@MJ1 Well you made a very good point, I have to agree with you. Was also just came to my mind is that you don’t have to buy the charger (with the cable) from Framework and you just could buy your own charger and cable (with the desired specs).

So case closed I guess. Thank you all for your input, I am now able to understand why they made this decision.

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