Why the big price jump for 1260p vs. 1280p?

Sorry if it’s a bit of a touchy subject, but I am confused why there is a $410 price jump for the cores on the 12th gen models?

DIY base: i7-1260P (Up to 4.7 GHz, 4+8 cores) +$120 VS. i7-1280P (Up to 4.8 GHz, 6+8 cores) +$530

I see that the Recommended Customer Price (RCP) is $432.00 and $482.00 respectively.

I understand that there should be some premium for a “top of the line” model, but it seems gratuitos to me to make that an ~1000% increase over cost of production.

Can someone explain what I am missing? Or would it be appropriate to ask for a more equitable pricing structure based closer on cost to manufacture?

If you do not use the laptop as a business laptop and your company requires vPro, then just do not bother buying the last option. Value-wise it is just stupid.

As far as I know, vPro requires specific chipsets on the motherboard to make it work. They might be more expensive and involve creating a new motherboard design.

Since vPro is the main selling point for the last tier, one could argue that the number of such devices sold might be less and thus the price is slightly higher to get back R&D costs. And since the main customer base are businesses, they usually are used to paying a premium for products that explicitly support business features.

The last part is pure speculation though.

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Good thinking… still the MSRP is very close even with these features. So I don’t see why the total cost would be higher, as AFAIK there are no other changes to the final product than a change of core.

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Margin applied is not the same depending on the wallet you have. It is the same logic in every industry. Tell me what you have in your wallet and I will telll you the price of my product !
So If you are about to buy a 2 000€ thinkpad , I have something for you a 2 000€ framework…
If you are about to buy a 1 000€ mac book I have something… a 1 000€ FW!
Same if you go at BMW Citroen, Mac…
YOu need all those customers to be a healthy company.

Now IMHO the tech market now is at a point where an I3 is samething as i5 and i7… therefore it looks very stupid… like when you buy a GPS option on a mercedes at 3 000€…you know the smartphone behind is 300€ max. It reminds me of a time you had to pay wifi at hotels like Mariot in the US and it was free at hollidays in ! O and you have to give 1 USD for the guy openning the door…its an aitomatic door at hollidays in wich is more convenient, faster and cheaper :smiley:

The i7-1280P is bought by only a few people and making a smaller number of boards results in having to divide the production costs to less buyers. And as you said, from Intel the CPU and Wi-Fi cost more than the i7-1260P(about 70 USD more). When adding this two together it will be still cheaper, but you have to add to the calculations that shipping with insurance will cost more since the devices cost more, and taxes as well.